Friday, May 27, 2005

Archie and Ollie

Have just spent a lovely morning visiting my dear friend Marilyn with my grandson Archie. Marilyn looks after her grandsons Ollie (2) and Charlie (6 months) on Fridays.
Archie both have down syndrome and a mutual friend introduced me to Marilyn because he could see we shared the same degree of passion for our beautiful boys. Now Ollie and Archie have had two play dates and will hopefully become firm friends. Ollie is a brilliant communicator - he is very adept at Makaton signing and 'chats' away to Archie. But Archie at this stage is too excited by all Ollie's toys to sign back. Marilyn taught us all "Sing a Rainbow" in Makaton which I found very enlightening. Archie's little brother Harry has learnt makaton too and signs when he reads his books (especially his animal books). I'm currently learning the Makaton alphabet.

Introducing the Family

My family is not small! Here we all are gathered at Christmas, at my house in the Wairarapa.
L to R: Jake, Ned, Me, Harry, Roger (former husband), Sam, Max, Danilia (Ned's fiance), Rosie, Archie, Jan, Emily
In order of age, my children are Emily, Jake, Ned, Sam and Rosie; Max is Roger's son from his second marriage; Danilia is Ned's fiance (they plan to marry at the White House); Jan is Emily's partner and co-mother of my grandsons Archie (3) and Harry (1)
The dog is Bart.

Mother Blogger

It seemed inevitable that I should set up a blog eventually - my nickname has been Nelly Bloggs since teenage years. And now three of my enfants are madly blogging - I'm sure the others are not far behind - I have been inspired to do the same. Daughter Rosie http:/ is not wrong when she says it is scary. How much of my crazy life do I reveal?